CapTrader Review

CapTrader is a Forex and CFD trading broker, which provides its services to both individual and institutional clients. The broker offers over 1.2 million trading products in diverse asset categories like stocks, shares, Forex, CFDs, options, futures, ETFs, bonds, and more. According to our findings, CapTrader operates under the regulation and authorization of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Also, it is an introducing broker associated with Interactive Brokers, so stands on a reliable offering IB provides as a leading Brokerage firm worldwide. CapTrader offers support services to clients for establishing a business relationship with Interactive Brokers and using the broker’s electronic order system while mainly focusing on trading offerings in Germany and Europe. Overall, CapTrader aims to provide competitive and trustworthy trading conditions, a wide range of trading products, and advanced trading platforms suitable for beginners, experienced traders, and professionals.

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  1. Dealing with this forex broker has been a lesson in navigating a landscape of deceit and manipulation. Their platform is a rigged game – trades that show promise are systematically turned into failures through suspicious slippage and bizarre execution times. It’s clear they’re more interested in your losses than your success. Their ‘account managers’ are relentless in pushing you to deposit more funds, and their customer support is adept at deflecting your concerns. But the pièce de résistance is their withdrawal process – a Kafkaesque nightmare that leaves you questioning whether you’ll ever see your funds again. This broker is a disgrace to the industry and a nightmare for anyone seeking legitimate trading opportunities.

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