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A family business of over 20 years

At AvailableCar, we are a family owned and operated business established for 20 years. Our family values are at the heart of our business, and since opening our first Store in 2002 in Castle Donington, our family business has grown to become one of England’s largest and most successful used car retailers. Yet compaign https://helpcomment.com/mhfahrzeug/

Our unique approach, offering our Customers a hassle-free and relaxing but friendly and helpful car buying experience, and our wonderful Staff, have earned us our incredible reputation for outstanding customer service, and over 250,000 satisfied Customers to date.

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  1. When I was buying a car they couldn’t do enough I got all the talk how great the platinum warranty is so like a mug I had taken it . Had the car less than 3 months it had a problem spoke to customer service they couldn’t get me in for over a month and no curtsy car available so suggested use the warranty so I did but surprise surprise it wasn’t covered due to wear and tear I couldn’t drive the car as all coolant leaked out once topped due to cracked thermostat and injectors blocked up how it was wear and tear is beyond me . Had the car less than 3 months only done 300 miles in it . I have rang numerous time still waiting for a call back even emailed still nothing. So keep away and if you do get a car don’t get the extended warranty its just another way of getting money out of you . If they stopped putting all there money in advertising on tv and put it in to customer service maybe they wouldn’t be getting all these bad feed backs

  2. I have had my car less than 2 years and I recently had a major electrical brake down. Not only was the breakdown cover provided by the RAC through AC terrible but the cover was also. big bold letters on the warranty leaflet stating ‘ALL MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL ITEMS COVERED’. Small writing, ‘apart from the list below’ and then even smaller writing is the list which is vague at best in my opinion. Funnily enough the electrical part that cost over a grand wasn’t covered but the electrical part that cost under 300 quid was. You are pressured on the day to take out the cover as when you have brought the car. You either have the warranty on purchase or you leave without it. damned if you do damned if you don’t was my thought. Skeptical, I went for it. You get the old speech of worry free motoring you don’t want to be facing a big bill scenario. The fact is you still can be looking at a big bill and even when they do cover you for repairs it takes ages to get the money. I went to a main dealer to have my repairs done and they said that they were happy to let the warranty people settle the bill. On arrival to pick up the car they hadn’t paid so I had to, I was looking at around 1300 pounds. So, so much for worry free motoring. its been over 21 day since i settled the bill and I still have not had my money of what part they agreed to pay. and when I do the cheque still has to clear. So unless you have money on the hip you are gonna be very stuck and if you can get your hands on the money then it seems pointless taking out the warranty. After reading the small print even more it seems to me that they wont cover parts that need changing due to another faulty part if there is nothing wrong with them I.E. your head gasket goes any half decent motorist knows that it is always stretch bolts cam belts and pulleys that always get changed in that scenario reading as I do they will only pay for the gasket so you would be left with a massive bill especially if you had to have your head skimmed and they would be looking at about 30 quid. I don’t know how they can get away with using the word ‘ALL’ So in all don’t waste your money. I have taken out another cover now that no matter what I get 500 pound towards the bill which would have been something in this case. – Are you covered? Yes to a point – Do they keep you up to date with your claims or even contact you when you call out the breakdown? Not once did they check on me to make sure things were going OK. – Will you have to chase up everything with multipal phone calls? Yes you will – Will you have to find the money first? Most likely – Will you have to chase that money? Yes – Could you still be looking at a massive bill of expenses? Defiantly Yes – Worry free motoring? Defiantly not – Recommend to friends and family? Defiantly not. And I had the Platinum Cover! More like Lead.

  3. Arranged to test drive a car at Castle Donnington 40 miles away. Arrived to be shown a filthy car inside and out to which the salesman apologised stating they had just got it in. Liked how it drove and discussed figures. All OK so far. I was then advised about the diamondbrite protection. I asked whether the car would be thoroughly prepared inside and out to rid any paint imperfections and interior stains before the sealant was applied as it would lock them in. A solid YES was replied. I asked if they could move the car to Sutton branch as it was closer and that’s what they advertise and I was told NO. I placed my order and advised to return in 12 days to give them time to prep the car. 12 days later I arrived at 0945 to collect my new car. 1hr later still no car with the rep stating it was being finished off. I am then shown out to a car covered in white powder with marring and swirls all over the chrome and paintwork they had even sealed tree sap under the protective coat. Inside smelt of chemicals and was filthy. I refused to accept it stating I had paid £300 for the diamondbrite and it was unacceptable. They said I could wait and they would re do it, I explained to do it right would take 4 hours at least. An hour later shown out to a car that had basically had a hose pipe over it. The manager then went on that it’s best practice to valet the car the day it is collected. I explained if they had valeted it and applied the protection days earlier it would have been a simple hose down on the day. He then changed tact andvsaid due to covid restrictions they can only havev2 people working on a car at a time. Again I pointed out they had 12 days to sort it. Eventually he conceded they were short staffed and it had been rushed on the morning of collection. I took the car and paid for my own valet. 4 hours later the car was wash stripped and re sealed. The interior shampooed and thoroughly cleaned with 15 yes 15 wax crayons recovered from the side of the seatscamongst other filth. The valeter even stated the roof hadn’t had any diamondbrite on it with how it washed compared to the panels. I am now waiting on a refund of my £300 and really I should be refunded for my valet costs as a good will gesture. Emails sent after I was told to return the diamondbrite kit which I did the same day. No refund or answers yet. CEO also emailed still nothing. Had cars from the Sutton branch before and they were 5 star I’d avoid Castle Donnington. Update Now received email stating they are refunding the diamondbrite cost via a cheque in the post unfortunately no offer of the £85 to cover my valet. Re your reply you wanted me to return the car to Castle Donnington a 80 mile round trip this is after you had failed on 2 attempts to valet the car to any degree of professionalism. You refused to let me take it to my local store in Sutton. It took my valeter 4 hours with 2 of them doing the car to rectify your mistakes. The refund of the diamondbrite protection was due to it being installed poorly and it had to be polished out to get to the sealed in tree sap except on the roof where there was no diamondbrite applied. Broken promises and poor excuses which are then back tracked on are something I’d associate with the dodgy street corner car dealer not a nationwide company which prides itself on customer service. I would be interested to know if you feel its right that a customer has to pay for their own valet on a car bought from yourselves because your wash n go staff aren’t upto the job.

  4. We bought a car here. It broke down within a fortnight. They refused to collect it. We told them their guarantee is worthless – they AGREED it is not worth the paper it is written on. Gave us a load of flannel on the phone. Managed to limp a useless broken car to them. Couldn’t even have the courtesy to speak with us. Absolutely disgusting disgraceful customer care. AVOID AVOID AVOID – money grabbing greedy beggars who only want to hit targets and don’t care what they are selling. They lie on the phone. They say they will call back – they don’t. In 50+ years I have never been so disrespected and treated so badly by any sales person. If you want a career with no education, no manners, no decency, no reliability, join this company of charlatans.

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